5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Morning Routine

Published on April 16, 2021

Are you stressed out every morning? Making breakfast, getting kids off to school, commuting to work – it can all add up. But you don’t have to start your day in a bad mood! One of the best ways to improve your morning is to create a routine.

Start your day feeling more relaxed by taking charge of your schedule. Our time is valuable and precious. Here are five reasons why you should create a morning routine for everyone in your household.

1) Reduce Stress

There are so many variables every morning. What’s the weather like? How’s traffic? What does everyone want to eat? No matter how much you plan, something unexpected can always pop up. That’s why a consistent schedule is helpful – everyone simply follows the routine. When you know what to expect every morning, you won’t feel rushed for time.

2) Save Time

Having everyone on the same schedule is also a smart way to save time. We all have things that must be done at the start of every day. Personal grooming, getting dressed, and eating breakfast are all simple but take time. Add kids to the mix and now there are multiple people to get ready for the day. A set morning schedule helps you go on autopilot. You don’t have to waste time making decisions because you know exactly what needs to be done.

3) Feel Healthier

Do you have goals to improve your fitness? Find more time for reading? Want to start meditation? The morning can be the perfect opportunity to do something healthy for your mind or body.

For example, one habit is to journal first thing in the morning. The author Julia Cameron recommends writing down three pages right after waking up. The idea is to clear your head before starting your day.

Other people love exercising when they first get up. For some, it works better for their schedules if they can work out before job or family responsibilities. Others enjoy the mood boost and increased energy to jumpstart their morning.

4) Improve Relationships

We aren’t always our best selves when we feel groggy and disoriented. A stressful morning can be full of frustration and irritability. And we sometimes take that out on people around us. It’s easy to grumble or snap at loved ones or roommates when our day is starting poorly. But a better morning routine means a better mood, and that’s good for everybody!  

5) Feel Confident

It’s natural to feel anxious in the morning. We often have important things ahead in our day. Meetings, presentations, and household responsibilities can all weigh on our minds. But a calming morning routine can help steady our nerves. When your morning starts with positivity and focus, you can use that confidence throughout your day.

Did you know your morning routine starts with your alarm? Our first waking seconds are some of our most important moments of the day. A gentle wakeup experience reduces stress and confusion. See how Light Awake can make a difference to your morning! 

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Light Awake’s silent alarm clock is a natural way to rouse from your sleep. There are no sharp or piercing noises that startle you awake. Its gentle light stimulates your circadian system so you comfortably move from slumber to consciousness.

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