Reveille – The History Behind The Iconic Bugle Call

Published on June 15, 2021

You can’t mistake the sound of Reveille. Even if you don’t know its official name, you heard it countless times in movies and TV shows. It’s an energetic bugle call that is sounded on military bases every morning around the world. But Reveille isn’t just for the armed forces! Learn how this musical wakeup call is a rousing way to start your day.

Military History

Reveille is a French word that means to wake up. It’s when we must leave our dreams behind and greet the morning. Hearing specific music turns our wakeup experience into a celebration.

Military members are especially connected to Reveille, which is played by a live trumpeter or recording on all bases. It doesn’t matter your rank or which branch you are in – everyone hears these memorable notes! The bugle call is a herald to report for roll call. It’s also a reminder to display respect during the daily flag raising.  

Bugles have always been part of the world’s militaries. Before there were modern communication devices, like cell phones or computers, leaders needed a way to convey information to troops. It doesn’t make sense to shout on a battlefield or into every barrack!

Musical instruments were the perfect solution because they could be heard over great distances. Plus different music could represent different messages. Even ancient armies in Rome, Greece, the Middle East, and Asia used brass, wood, or percussion instruments for signals.

“Today, bugle calls help maintain pride and foster a greater sense of community” as well as reinforce “professionalism and discipline,” according the U.S. Army.

Reveille in Your Life

Many veterans maintain a schedule similar to their service days. Consistency helps keep a comfortable routine, and part of that might include using a digital alarm with Reveille. Members of the Boy Scouts and other adventure organizations will also appreciate this bright and cheery alarm on event days and camping trips.

You can also make Reveille a part of your special sporting traditions. Play it the morning of an opening game or a big championship match. It might also be your lucky alarm if you are about to run a marathon or compete in a triathlon!

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