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Have you ever been woken up by another person’s alarm? It’s incredibly frustrating to lose valuable sleep when you live with someone who has a different sleep schedule. The problem starts with alarm clocks. They not only affect people sharing the same bedroom, but they can be so loud that their earsplitting ring is heard across an entire house or apartment.

Does one of these frustrating situations feel familiar?

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1. Different Schedules

Do you and your sleep partner have different schedules? Is one of you a night owl and the other an early bird? One of you is probably losing sleep every morning. Your schedules don’t have to be opposites to cause problems either. Even a 30-minute difference in wakeup time can be a source of aggravation.

Even if you and your partner rise near the same time, you likely enjoy different alarm tones. One of you could respond to the sound of ocean waves while the other needs an energetic rock song to even start moving. Opposites may attract, but not when it comes to waking up peacefully! Why spend the first seconds of your day listening to a sound you detest?


2. The Snoozer

Do you live with someone who hits their snooze button constantly? Or maybe you are the one who can’t resist “just five more minutes.” One survey found that even though Americans set an average of two alarms, it still takes 24 minutes to get out of bed (1). No wonder many people feel groggy every morning!

Snooze buttons wreak havoc on your wakeup schedule. You and your partner are starting the day feeling sluggish and rushed. Every hit of the snooze button means you delay getting up to eat, shower, and get dressed. Add in kids or a work commute and the time crunch gets even more stressful. 

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3. Renters

Does your apartment or condo have thin walls? There are over 16 million people who are apartment renters in the U.S. (2). Multifamily buildings aren’t soundproof, so it’s common for a noisy alarm clock to be heard by sleepers in another room. Even more aggravating is when that blaring alarm travels across hallways and through ceilings and upsets your neighbors.


4. College Students

Are multiple alarm clocks creating tension between you and your roommates? If you have class at 8am but your roommate doesn’t until 11am, they aren’t going to be happy having to wake up so early. Or maybe your roommate has a job on weekend mornings but you have a free schedule. These morning situations are irritating for everyone, and there’s only a jangling alarm to blame.

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5. Light Sleepers

Are you or someone in your household woken up by the faintest sounds? Even the vibration of a smartphone buzzing on a nightstand is enough to push certain people awake. Sometimes young children and adolescents can be so sensitive to sound that they can hear an alarm clock from another room.


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