Interrupted Sleep

Many people struggle to get quality sleep. Some have a job that requires them to work through the dead of night. Others have sleep disorders that interfere with quality rest. Good sleep hygiene is difficult to maintain when your body is unable to get regular sleep.

Light Awake’s silent alarm clock is one strategy that can help you have a better wakeup experience. See how a light-based alarm can benefit people with shift schedules or sleep disorders.

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Shift Workers

Over 15% of U.S. workers have a non-daytime schedule, including evenings, nights, split shifts, irregular schedules, and rotating shifts. These employees commonly have positions in hospitality, transportation, and retail (1).

Working overnight or in the early morning hours is hard on the human body. It’s difficult to put yourself on a sleep schedule that’s at odds with your circadian rhythm. You have to constantly fight against your natural biology just to wake up at the required time.

That’s why anyone with a job schedule outside of 9am-5pm is at risk of developing Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD). They can experience “trouble sleeping, excessive sleepiness, and fatigue which interfere with overall functioning,” according to the Sleep Medicine and Disorders: International Journal (2).


Shift Work Sleep Disorder can lead to a number of health and safety issues:

Anxiety and depression

Lower job performance

Cognitive impairment

Decreased temper control and mood regulation

Compromised immunity

Higher healthcare costs

Increased risk of mistakes, accidents, or injuries

Light Awake’s silent alarm is a smart solution for shift workers. No matter what time you need to wake up, the app’s soothing light will help you transition from rest to alertness. And because there’s no sound, you won’t wake up anyone else in your household.

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Sleep Disorders

Insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) are some of the most common sleep disorders. They all cause sleep deprivation, which is both physically tiring and mentally exhausting.

Doctors routinely advise patients with sleep disorders to “hide” their alarm clocks if they have a bright display. You want to eliminate any sources of light that interfere with your rest. This is why Light Awake has a low-light display. There is no harsh illumination that shines on your face. Light Awake’s soft readout is quiet and nonintrusive.


Light Awake – The Calming Wakeup Experience

Light Awake uses pulsating light to gently rouse you from sleep. There are no sharp, piercing noises that startle you awake. Its flashing light is designed to stimulate your circadian system and comfortably move your mind from slumber to consciousness. This is the only wakeup system that is based on the physiology of our eyes and brain.

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Light Awake’s silent alarm clock is a natural way to rouse from your sleep. There are no sharp or piercing noises that startle you awake. Its gentle light stimulates your circadian system so you comfortably move from slumber to consciousness.

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