Is Good Sleep Part of Your Wellness?

Published on November 11, 2021

When people thought of health in the past, they focused on medical problems, diet and exercise. However, the idea of wellness incorporates multiple aspects of a person’s work, leisure and home life for a more comprehensive, interconnected view. Wellness requires making good choices and creating healthy habits, including our sleep.  

The concept of wellness has been written about since the 1960s Researchers define wellness as “a conscious, deliberate process that requires that a person become aware of and make choices for a more satisfying lifestyle”1 There is also the thought that “wellness is not the absence of disease, illness or stress but the presence of purpose, joyful relationships, healthy body, living environment and happiness”1.

Wellness has been expanded to eight interconnected dimensions. They include social, emotional, intellectual, occupational, environmental, financial, spiritual and physical. “A wellness lifestyle includes a self-defined balance of health habits such as sleep and rest, eating well, productivity, participation in meaningful activity, and contact with supporters”3. Because sleep affects everything we do, it makes sense that it is a crucial part of wellbeing.

The interconnectedness of the eight wellness dimensions is key to understanding how our choices influence different aspects of our lives. Stress, anxiety and poor diets can impact our physical health and make a negative impact on a person’s wellness and balance. Financial problems can cause emotional stress leading to poor performance at work, sleep problems and causing people to feel sad and withdraw from their peer groups. Not working or having an unfulfilling job may cause people to lose their motivation and prevent them from pursuing their goals and dreams.

There is also intellectual wellness, which values creativity, curiosity and lifelong learning. Reading, having a friendly debate, playing games, playing a musical instrument or writing in a journal are all good ways to socialize and stimulate intellectual wellness. These activities lift our spirits, keeping the brain sharp and ready to solve problems. All of these activities require concentration and focus, which a solid night of rest can greatly enhance.

By allowing users to intentionally select their preferred alarm, Light Awake incorporates wellness ideals into the wake-up experience. Try the alarm clock today and wake up feeling inspired and ready to start the day.

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