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This is The Wakeup Times – Light Awake’s place for helpful research, tips, art, and inspirational stories that will improve your sleep habits. Articles cover topics such as morning and evening routines, our circadian system, hearing, and wellness. 

Articles written by Katherine Hurst MD. Edited by Jennie Morton.


The Value of Art

Why is art so often undervalued and underutilized in modern life? Some argue that art does not cure disease, build roads, create economies, or feed

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Time Management

Are You Practicing Time Adaptation?

Unexpected interruptions, curve balls, natural disasters, and last-minute changes are everyday occurrences. While being aware of time limitations and arranging time is a common practice,

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Light Awake – The Calming Wakeup Experience

Light Awake uses pulsating light to gently rouse you from sleep. There are no sharp, piercing noises that startle you awake. Its flashing light is designed to stimulate your circadian system and comfortably move your mind from slumber to consciousness. This is the only wakeup system that is based on the physiology of our eyes and brain.

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Light Awake’s silent alarm clock is a natural way to rouse from your sleep. There are no sharp or piercing noises that startle you awake. Its gentle light stimulates your circadian system so you comfortably move from slumber to consciousness.